“You don’t have to be a murderous siren to appreciate Serial Murderess, but it helps if you have experienced the kind of love that drives one to the brink of madness, and maybe just a bit beyond. Through her three unapologetic heroines, Amanda Moody has written a fiercely intelligent passion play for the ages. Elegantly staged and directed by Melissa Weaver, Moody’s powerhouse performance does no less than husk the soul and cleanse the palette of the ordinary, bringing the unpredictability of fate crackling to hilarious and brilliant life. Transformative, compelling and rich with wit and wisdom, Serial Murderess is the theatrical antidote for holiday malaise. Highly recommended for people who are alive.”

Suzanne Finnamore, author

“The magic of great performance art is its ability to become legend in the bodies of those who witness it. Serial Murderess is in my body as legend. Having seen it only once, it made such deep impression that when I speak of the work, I speak mythically. I see a tree. A woman. Venom. I see shafts of light. I hear a big voice, the ruffle of a long cloth, a whisper. I feel a shudder. I feel desire. I like work that captures me.”

Ellen Sebastian Chang, theater director/writer, and owner of Fusebox Restaurant/West Oakland


“When Amanda Moody takes the stage, she takes no prisoners. And when she takes the mic, she testifies.”

Joe Paulino, actor/musician


“Serial Murderess reveals an original mind at work, probing a rich idea … extremely well written, and performed with skill and imagination.”

Leonard Pitt, author, historian, teacher, performer


“… a splendid performance in every way … the language is rich in both sound and meaning … Amanda Moody’s three murderesses together map out a profound vision of the dark mania of femaleness. Moody dares to suggest that madness and violence are a woman’s privilege for carrying the burden of beauty and reproduction and all that the world expects of womanhood.”

Emily Bezar, composer/singer/performer


“Moody’s humor and intelligence shine whenever she takes the stage.”

Rinde Eckert, writer/performer


“Amanda Moody brings an unusual array of talents to the stage: writing possessing uncanny sense of spoken language; acting informed by a keen eye for movement and mannerism; and her own wry wit and intelligence.”

Paul Dresher, composer


“Check out Serial Murderess … a brilliant piece of work … excellent theater, well worth seeing.”

Tom Grubb